Born and raised in New York, Mia found her niche in the Healing Art community, and dedicated to helping others overcome the stigma of  mental illness and survival skills used to conquer judgement and opinions from the  outer-world. 

Zoom ink for free mental health counseling and spiritual guidance.

After years of adversity beginning at an early age, with a debilitating illness and seven years of confinement, followed by three decades of toxic relationships, abuse and chemical dependency, she found a Support group directed at sensitive people with emotional imbalance. E.A. Emotions Anonymous.org is based on A.A.'s principals, Traditions and Concepts.

Journaling in EA's 12x12 Step workbook was a way she recognized that certain situations and events could have been handled differently for a more positive outcome. Where negative experiences could be drawn on and used as opportunities to go beyond what society had to offer. Her innate survival skills together with varied creative endeavors and meditation assisted in replacing toxic relationships, a multitude of diagnosis, and twenty-five years of drug dependency. Sacred Native American wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development.


The study of Easter philosophies and ancient healing modalities sparked her interest, where she earned a Master degree in Reiki Spiritual Healing. In 2007 she was honored in a United Nations Documentary on Alternative Medicine.


Determination to rise above fears and doubt brought about a 'calling' to help others. Tapping into 'the courage to change the things she coulda non-profit Ministry was founded devoted to creative out-of-the-box, alternative therapies for mental emotional health and spiritual development. They are well received by Mental Health organizations, Life-Long Learning Programs in the community, in her travels and on the Internet.

"My mission is to educate and encourage the use of preventative therapies and alternative medicine BEFORE unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling force in one's life. I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in helping others develop their own uniqueness".

A picture parable of her life, Little Rose Lost and Found, illustrates the classic Hero's Journey.

EA Tradition 7. Every EA group ought to be fully self-supporting. Please contribute below for uninterrupted emotional support and spiritual counsel. Thank you for your generosity.

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