Before Mia was lead to the study of ancient, philosophies and healing arts, she underwent many hardships i.e. childhood illness that could prove fatal, and years of medication from depression due to toxic relationships. Intensive inner work and her innate creative, ability letting go of past trauma earned her a Master degree in Reiki, where she was ordained into the Spiritual Healing Ministry. Fifteen additional, years of Native American Shamanic, wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual, development, the gift of healing others was presented and her true purpose revealed. Her skills were demonstrated in a United Nations documentary on Alternative Medicine. 

Mia uses her gift of touch to comfort those who are mentally or emotionally ill. She offers natural remedies for living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle that focus on self-love and self-respect, and motivational art therapies. 

More than twenty years of volunteering efforts are well received by individuals, hospitals, schools, youth and senior centers, continuing education, mental health organizations, Lifelong Learning Programs, in her travels and on the Internet. 


The continuous journey to rise above ongoing complexities of life, broadened by a powerful sense of Self is her foundation. Mia's artwork, sculptures and fabric designs are  exhibited in galleries, libraries and shops in the US, Canada, and abroad. 


 "I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in helping others develop their uniqueness. My mission is to educate and encourage the use of alternative medicine and preventative therapies before unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling force in one's life.”


Mia brings depth and color to life with her gift of unbounded energy and love in action. She stands for truth, and trusts the wisdom of her body for daily guidance. Her faith in God is unwavering. 

She is a published author of poetry and short stories for the Rebuilding of Life, Love and Spirituality. Her memoir is an illustrated parable (with a workbook) reflecting the Hero's Journey. 

mia cara memoir
Little Rose Lost and Found


"...Your class was very soothing and enjoyable. It was higher level learning, and gave me insight on how I can connect with my inner self to get answers for my health and well-being. Becoming aware of its existence helped me overcome obstacles as simple learning experiences, not fight against. The techniques you showed us had a way of addressing them in a positive way."    Lia Renda, Systems Analyst NYC

“The Mindfulness for stress-free living workshop with Mia was great. We enjoyed sharing and learned so much."    -Eduardo Cervantes, Secretary, Unity of SD

"Mia generously gives of herself and her experiences as life lessons, helping others to find their path to healing and wholeness.  It is a blessing to be in her positive, presence during a healing session. I find her to be an inspiration as she motivates me to keep moving forward a step at a time to find my New Self.   --Susan Boutros, Pres. Environmental Assoc. Ltd. Microbiological Lab director

How I Healed Myself


Without any formal artistic training I transformed ill health and depression into objects of beauty, bringing with it, harmony and peace of mind.

Creating something from nothing becomes a ceremony in sacred time and space - and begins with a meditation. When a receptive, mind is achieved relinquished of self-criticism, every brushstroke comes alive. A blank canvas is filled with color and a portrait is born; Clay takes form in sculpture; Fabrics become colorful, pillow and doll designs; Words become poetry and stories expressing feelings, and desires.


Each of my creations are available for your enjoyment. Contact and pricing.