About Mia

Mia began her spiritual journey in NY USA, growing through adversity, and conquering twenty years of prescription medication for major, depression, and decades of mental, emotional traumas. Resolving to replace lost treasures of growing years, she journaled her way to recovery in a 12 Step Support Group. With confidence restored, and faith strengthened, she studied various natural, life-sustaining techniques to rise above adversity and survive. Native American wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her shamanic development. 


Searching for possible causes for her mental illness, she began the study of ancient, Eastern Philosophies and natural healing modalities. Seasoned over time with patience and a profound meaning for all endeavors, her true purpose was revealed, and the gift of healing was presented. Received a Master degree in Reiki Spiritual Healing and ordained into Interfaith Ministry by The Loving Touch Center CA.. Her skills were demonstrated in a United Nations documentary on Alternative Medicine.


Her non-profit ministry incorporates creative, out-of-the-box therapies to overcome the stigma of mental illness, and where she offers her gift of touch to comfort those emotionally, mentally or physically ill. Her style and guidance are natural remedies for living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle focused on self-love and self-respect. Remedies successfully incorporated was the ability to turn negative emotions into positive beauty with art and creativity- which remains her favorite, medicine to overcome crisis. More than twenty years of experience and volunteering efforts are well received by individuals, hospitals, schools, youth and senior centers, mental health organizations, Life-long learning programs, in her travels and on the Internet. 


The continuous journey to rise above ongoing complexities of life, broadened by a powerful sense of Self, is now her foundation. Creativity is the medicine that brought healing, peace and joy to life. Her artworks and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries, libraries and shops in the US, Canada, and abroad. 


 "I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in helping others develop their uniqueness. My mission is to educate and encourage the use of preventative therapies and alternative medicine BEFORE unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling forces in one's life.”


Mia subscribes to many disciplines, within the Tao, continually researching mental causes for physical illnesses, and workable, solutions. The depth and color of her life reflect in words and love in action. She stands for truth, maintaining faith and trust in God/the wisdom of her body, gifted with unbounded energy.

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Writing her memoir as an illustrated parable, reflecting the Hero's Journey, was her way of reaching children coming of age, before unwanted pregnancy or addiction become a part of life. She is a published author of poetry and short stories for the Rebuilding of life, love and Spirituality.

Little Rose Lost and Found
Little Rose Lost and Found