Spiritual Awakening Services & Workshops

Balance Mental, Emotional, Spiritual body
Heighten Intuition
Clear Mind and Body of Impurities

Elevate Spirit

Sessions and workshops are inspiring, educational and restorative with emphasis on truth and the power of present moment awareness.  

Each workshop embraces a combination of tools and techniques for mind and body balance, health and spiritual development.

#1 Private Reiki Healing Session

Healing Hands for Holistic Health  9025 Balboa Ave. San Diego CA 92124

#2  Paint & Sip Meditation

Painting is a fun way to meditate, healing the inner and outer youWhen the mind is calm and clear, awaiting imagination and unconscious to surface in drawings, it becomes a meditation. So much is revealed in pictures that cannot be expressed in words. The innocent child always tells the truth. 

#3 Reiki Degrees

Reiki 1, 2, Advanced Practitioner

#4  Natural Self-Healing Techniques

  • Breathwork & Meditation with Guided Imagery  If you're coping with anxiety or panic attacks, Rev. Cara will help you create a secure place in which to go (in your mind)  when life's situations become unbearable. Guided imagery is the ability to visualize yourself already healed.

  • Enhance Intuition  Learn to trust and follow your gut. Recognize and understand the messages your body sends. What an exhilarating feeling of empowerment as you replace old fears with the power of your potential. 

  • Harmonic Sound Healing for chronic conditions and eye exercises to strengthen vision and memory recall.

  • Identify energy vampires in your life i.e. absorbing or draining.

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping - Tap on specific acupuncture points on the face and body while affirming acceptance of yourself and who you are.

Embrace change and redesign your life. Register here 

Healing Hands for Holistic Health 9025 Balboa Ave. San Diego CA.



"...Your class was very soothing and enjoyable. It was higher level learning about myself and gave me insight on how I can connect with my inner self and get answers for my health and well-being. Becoming aware of its existence helped me overcome obstacles as simple learning experiences, not fight against. The techniques you showed us had a way of addressing them in a positive way."    Lia Renda, Systems Analyst NYC

“The Mindfulness for stress-free living workshop with Mia was great. We enjoyed sharing and learned so much."    -Eduardo Cervantes, Secretary, Unity of SD

"Mia generously gives of herself and her experiences as life lessons, helping others to find their path to healing and wholeness.  It is a blessing to be in her positive, presence during a healing session. I find her to be an inspiration as she motivates me to keep moving forward a step at a time to find my New Self.   --Susan Boutros, Pres. Environmental Assoc. Ltd. Microbiological Lab director