"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything".  -Lao Tzu 


Reiki Energy Medicine is an ancient healing modality over 2000 years old from the far East that helps reduce pain, stress, and emotional discomfort while increasing clarity and rejuvenation. With a gentle laying-on-of-hands, Universal Life Force energy moves from the Practitioner to the patient. Experience a warm, tingling sensation as the energy flows through your body clearing/unblocking and balancing your chakras - see below. After a session, drink plenty of plain water and rest. Refrain from OTC remedies and allow the natural release of toxins.

Reiki is a subtle energy that restores mental, emotional balance and physical health; A science of the mind that treats the cause, not the effect; Excellent for reducing pain and stress of tense muscles; Comforts during the grieving process; Helps release emotional pain of past trauma;; Accelerates recovery after surgery; Lessens addictive behaviors; Increases clarity, calms and rejuvenates; Produces clear improvements in seemingly hopeless conditions; Reiki is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity; There is no religious dogma; It works whether you believe it or not. Request a Reiki Healing here @ $1/minute.


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What are chakras?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex - around which energy flows - either slowly or more quickly. It refers to the seven energy centers in our body that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. How we respond to decisions we make determines the flow of this energy.

Chakra’s are aspects of consciousness that interact with the physical body - your senses, your perceptions, all possible states of awareness, and everything possible for you to experience.

For a better understanding of yourself and those around you, study the chakras and discover where you may be out of balance. Understand how your behaviors and attitudes affect mental, emotional and physical health, discomfort, or disease. In this way, you can modify your thinking process to create healthy consciousness. Maintaining balance in mind and body requires time and patience.

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EA Tradition 7. Every EA group ought to be fully self-supporting. Please contribute below for uninterrupted emotional support and spiritual counsel. Thank you for your generosity.

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