Creating anything is Healing

Stained Glass

Creating something from nothing becomes a ceremony in sacred time and space and begins with meditation. When a receptive, mind is achieved relinquished of self-criticism, a blank canvas comes alive with every brushstroke.

When oil paints invite themselves on my canvas they bring substance in a tangible world of realism.


When watercolors decide to play on my canvas they remind me to go-with-the-flow and trickle into the unknown areas of my life.

If pen and ink tap dance into my sketchbook, new ideas are detailed, abstract or permanent as they may seem.

When mixed mediums gather around my workspace waiting to be noticed, anything can happen. I follow my instinct without plan or reason till my scattered thoughts become meaningful designs. 

But when souls from the other side pop into my energy field unannounced, Mediumship Artwork is in progress. This unplanned phenomenon stimulates the senses leaving me in awe of God's creative process.

When my childlike world of fantasy and whimsy awakens, fabric designs take center stage. A variety of textures and accessories are tossed together in rhythms of brilliant and muted colors.


My organic, shabby-chic, soft-sculpture, designer dolls are facets of my personality, filled with charisma and magnetism, and guaranteed to bring a smile. They're happy when You're happy.

Each dolls is attuned with powerful Reiki energy. Name them with a prayer and place them strategically around, your home for health and good fortune. Birth Certificate of Authenticity included. Order here.

Decorator pillows,  hand-painted with dye , quilted and embellished. Great for gift-giving.

Prayer Pillows are unique for your private sanctuary.  Order here

Decoupage Art

Playing with clay is my favorite grounding medium. My muddy hands get a workout as I pound it, roll it, mold it, score it with detail, then bake it. Eventually I meet someone like my creation in real life. Maybe I should pound out 'the man of my dreams'.  

My first attempt at making art was after being released from the psyche ward. Great therapy - was being able to cut through my anger - transforming my pain into something recognizable. A spiritual connection with the Divine in sacred time and space.

Your Choice on a Canvas Wrap, Acrylic Print; Fine Art Pint; Ceramic Mug; Pillow; Tote bag, iPhone case

EA Tradition 7. Every EA group ought to be fully self-supporting. Please contribute below for uninterrupted emotional support and spiritual counsel. Thank you for your generosity.

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